Quinte Studios

359 Dundas St W Trenton, ON
Weddings can be stressful events. So much passion goes into planning every little detail. But sometimes the day just doesn’t go according to plan. When the limo is late, the flowers wilt, or raindrops start to fall, the last thing you need is your photographer adding to the stress. calm Other than their groom, brides will spend more of their day with the photographer than anyone else at the wedding. What you want is a calm professional who can create great images without interfering with your priorities. confident In order to remain calm under stress your photographer needs the confidence that comes from a depth of experience. Having photographed 160+ weddings over a 30 year career gives me the confidence to deal with anything. creative Calmness and confidence free the spirit to be creative, and tuned in to the emotional drama being played out in front of the lens. This is how compelling images are created. How significant moments are captured. How the real story of your day gets told. Let me tell the story of your wedding; calmly, confidently, and creatively.