About The DNA Project

THE DNA PROJECT This Project is a collaborative effort inspired by uniting local musicians - We are all brought together by life, love and music - it's in our DNA! In science, DNA is made up of a major groove and a minor groove. In music, grooves are also the foundation of The DNA Project. Whether you are looking for a soloist, or a full band, we will create the perfect musical solution for you! Professional musicians for all events ABOUT THE BAND SIZES We will customize the band to suit your tastes Solo Instruments - Piano, Flute, Guitar, Sax, Trumpet, Violin • Piano-bar style cocktail receptions • Solo piano/organ during or prior to wedding ceremony Duos - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals etc • Our contemporary repertoire includes Motown, Soul, Rock and R&B Trios/Quartets – Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Guitar, Sax etc • Usually instrumental, upbeat and/or background live music • Can Include vocalists • Often for cocktail receptions, dinner music, lounges, etc AVAILABLE INSTRUMENTS We will always go the distance to ensure that we meet your needs! Below is a list of the instruments that are most commonly requested. Bass Keyboard (Piano) Flute Drums Guitar (Acoustic or Electric) Saxophone Trombone Trumpet Violin Steel Pan ? BAND PACKAGES INCLUDE **Corporate Galas, Private Events, Live Music** We will gladly cater live performances to your personal tastes, or specific entertainment needs.? **Custom Wedding Band Packages** The DNA Project features a live performance schedule customized to the flow of events on your Big Day! Consider your vision for the musical elements during: • Your Wedding Ceremony • The Cocktail Reception • During Meal Service • After Meal Service