Rick Maltese Music

117 Runnymede Rd, Toronto, ON

About Rick Maltese Music

Rick Maltese is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the High Park area and is an accomplished pianist, composer and arranger. His 25 years of music performances have reached a high level of classical, jazz, popular music and musical theatre. He has been a long-time coach, accompanist and composer, song-writer and teacher. Rick Is available to play piano and perform his customized series of themed performance making each event unique. While he regularly enhances the mood for celebrations such as Ntears, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Chanukah, he he assembles the event by drawing from a vast repertoire. You can expect lively commentary, music appreciation and a historical context.. Themes include "Best of American Songbook", "Waltz Night", "Opera and Grand Orchestra Melodies", "Swing and Ballroom Music", "Best of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerals or other favourite singers", "Tin Pan Alley" and "Beatles and/or British Invasion." Among his other skills are multimedia, web design, author and lecturer. He has fone Musical Theatre, been active as a recording artist and currently does web design.