Merlin Cosmos

Toronto, ON
About Merlin Cosmos
Your Event or Party needs a Show! Merlin's Show is a Party! This is a party magic show that is Amazing & Fun! Merlin makes it easy to have a Great Show at your Event. Complete Portable Show Production! A Cabaret Showroom at your event. Programmable LED Backdrop creates excitement before the show & can feature messages unique to your event. Merlin's experience of over 10,000 shows as a performer & over 3000 events as a producer means you get a "Good Show" even in the most challenging conditions. Amazing Magic! Lots of Laughs! Sincerity with Sizzle! Recent tours across Canada have proven the effectiveness of Merlin's performances. People have been quoting memorable funny lines & describing the amazing magic! One young hipster said, "I have never seen a really good magician do a live stage show.You wowed me & made feel like a 6 year old with your magic & laugh like a grown up with your comedy. It was great!". A variety of unique music. Interesting themes, ideas and stories Merlin will leave you with quotable quotes and memorable moments of Wow you will tell your friends, family & co-workers. Romantic! At times hilarious. Audience participation that is refreshingly charming. Merlin has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He is most famous as Mr. Dress-Up's magician in the 1980's & 90's. Merlin's focus these days is on Adult events presented Cabaret or Concert Style! Let Merlin customize a show just for You! 40 years of performing experience Merlin has done almost everything in the entertainment industry. Performing in almost every imaginable venue. A favourite of bands and comedians as their chosen opening act. He even has sparkly sweat! Merlin's commitment to your event is to make it the most fun, amazing and memorable event to date.
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