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Toronto, ON

About ColossoVision - Toronto

Located in Vancouver , Calgary, Winnipeg, and Burlington.... ColossoVision Canada is a Canadian-based supplier of high quality mobile and modular LED video screens to events across North America.. The ColossoVision brand has become a recognized trademark, providing our clients with the guarantee that they are teaming up with a trustworthy supplier. ColossoVision Canada rents both standard modular LED packages and fully integrated mobile systems. In the last few years, it is our mobile LED screens which have become very popular with event planners. What normally takes many hours to set up with large crews can now be set up by one person in less than a half hour. ColossoVision’s mobile screens are essentially a “Park-and-Play“ technology incorporating a high resolution display at affordable prices. At ColossoVision Canada, we focus on client support and quality products which has inspired positive reviews nationwide. Our team of seasoned professionals work closely with our clients to ensure event goals and objectives are met. To meet the goals of providing the highest level of service, ColossoVision Canada employs only the best in LED screen and video production technologies. Complimenting these technologies is a team of highly trained technicians, freelancers and management. ColossoVision Canada sets out to deliver the highest level of expertise to enhance your event’s visual experience. Here are just some reasons why clients choose ColossoVision Canada: • We own the equipment we promote and advertise on our site; • All of our rentals include redundancy and backup of parts; • Offer live video production support; • Live Web streaming; • We offer, but don’t demand, long term contracts; • We offer the latest in LED and audio visual technologies; • We provide technicians with formal training in their disciplines