Fun-Tastic Castles

25 Marlborough Street, Thunder Bay, ON

About Fun-Tastic Castles

We also have the largest inflatable castles in Northern Ontario and will be happy to bring them to your community event or child's birthday part. We have 25 different castles of different sizes geared to different ages and different budgets. Among the largest inflatables to our inventory include the Tiki Island, Excalibur Castle and the Wacky World. There is so much to each castle including bouncy area, obstacles, slides, and tunnels that go under the slide. Each is unique and amazingly fun. Other very large castles include the Giant Castle, Disney Castle, and Princess Carriage. These castles are also super big with big bouncy areas and very large slides. We call all these castles, 'extreme' castles. Our medium sized castles include the Rainforest Castle, Train Station, Cool Zoo, Frozen Playland, and Pink Princess Castle. They are all different, with different shapes and sizes, but each is super fun, and great for young kids. You can see photos online on our website. We also have budget castles which are ideal for the youngest children, and are very inexpensive. These include the Bouncer (with 14 different themes), the Misty Kingdom, and the BlastZone. Our waterslides are among the largest in Canada. These include the Great Niagara which is 27' tall and 58' long! Also the Double Fun Splash Slide which is also huge and makes for a great party! Finally we have a smaller waterslide called the Wild Wave Mini which is still very fun for kids. We have a number of teen-toys which include the Velcro Wall (aka Sticky Wall), the Pedestal Jousting Arena, Sumo Wrestling, and the Basketball Bungee Run. They are all different and make great parties for big community events and also Safe/Chemfree Grad parties, university and college parties. Additionally there is the Meltdown which is the most awesome party toy. It is a big inflatable with two spinning arms--one you jump over and the other you duck under. There are eight participants and the last person standing wins a prize. It's great for pre-teens and teens, one of the most popular toys for sure. This year, we now have a dunk tank! Dunk the school principal or the mayor, or the club leader in this 500 gallon tank! Please contact us to find out more. We've been in operation for ten years and have done hundreds of events and birthday parties. We wash the castles before every event, and supervise the play on the castles so you can relax. Other things we have in our inventory include a rose red wedding tent, a water pump that can take water from a lake, branded Fun-Tastic Castles socks, and blue and pink sky dancers. Plus we now have Bubble Soccer! We provide referees and soccer posts and ball, and of course up to 20 bubble soccer suits. More information to come! KIDS LOVE OUR CASTLES!!! Please visit our website for photos.
  • Special Features: Our most popular inflatables include the Tiki Island, the Meltdown, and the Great Niagara Waterslide.