Ceremony of Love with Rev. Susan Varon

1200 Camino de la Cruz, Apt. A6, Taos, NM

About Ceremony of Love with Rev. Susan Varon

I create, with you, a joyful, one-of-a-kind Ceremony of Love. Spiritual or romantic, traditional or light-hearted--secular, ecumenical, or multicultural. Please see the two Sample Weddings on my website, as well as the many Testimonials!


Wonderful Officiant in Every Way! - An Eventective User from Austin, Tx

Richard & I [Mark] want to thank Rev. Susan for the beautiful, heart-stirring ceremony she did for us this week. We have been together 27 years and finally knew it was time. The words you read and especially your loving presence lifted us up and we haven’t come back down to earth yet! Thank you SO MUCH!

Just wonderful! - An Eventective User from Ojai, California

Getting married in Taos was a dream for both of us! And we plan on coming back for our first anniversary. Thank you, Reverend Susan for being so kind and helping us out in so many ways, including pointing us to the best b&b, it was perfect for us. Whoever might be reading this, choose Reverend Susan and you will have the best experience from start to finish!

It was just perfect! - An Eventective User from Denver, CO

We want to thank Rev. Susan very much for taking such good care of us. This was the first marriage for both of us and we were kind of shaky at times. But everything was perfect, absolutely perfect! Love from both of us.

Highly recommended! - An Eventective User from Atlantic Highlands, NJ

We were both married before and are getting on in years; neither of us could have imagined the wonderful ceremony Rev. Susan created for us. Thank you so much, Rev!

Perfect! - An Eventective User from Albuquerque, NM

We both want to thank Rev. Varon so much for the beautiful words of the ceremony and for being such a lovely and warm person. It couldn’t have been better. We are off to a great start!

We were picky! - An Eventective User from Oklahoma City

We were pretty picky about choosing the right officiant, but boy, did we hit the jackpot! Susan was on our wavelength from the word go. Thank you SO much, Reverend! Much love from Bradley & Tim

Couldn't have been more perfect! - An Eventective User from Chicago, Il

We have been together for 20 years, so when Rev. Susan said “You two have been living this truth already; now it is my joy to assist you in formalizing it” that completely nailed it. We came to Taos to say our vows because it’s a place that has always been special to us. Thank you so much, Rev. Susan, for articulating our vision so perfectly!

We feel so fortunate! - An Eventective User from Racine, Wisconsin

Rev. Susan held our hand from the first moment, and her ceremony was the perfect reflection of us. We are so lucky to have found her. And btw she is always super quick to respond to your call or email, helps you the whole way through. She is your best choice!! No regrets whatsoever!

We couldn't have found anyone better! - An Eventective User from Parker, Colorado

We asked Rev. Susan to do a DOUBLE same-sex wedding and she said she was thrilled! She worked with us to find a perfect spot near a pond and a little waterfall—what a beautiful and memorable place for us –all four—to pledge our love. Thank you so much, Rev. Susan, we couldn’t have found anyone better! Love from Zena, Barb, Holly & Diane.

Thank you, Rev. Susan! - An Eventective User from Avon, Colorado

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home to do the ceremony. It was all so special, unforgettable! Thank you also for guiding us through every step. Much love always from Terry & Andi.

Truly beyond wonderful! - An Eventective User from Yukon, Oklahoma

We love Rev. Susan beyond words. Her loving, accepting attitude reassured us from the first moment. She let us shape the ceremony exactly as we wanted, while making sure we met all the legal requirements for a real marriage. P.S. We love Taos, too, we felt so welcome here. Trudy & Mary Ellen

Thank you, Rev. Susan, so much! - An Eventective User from Austin, Texas

We want to thank Rev. Susan so much for creating, from the moment of the very first email, a sense of welcome and happiness for us. What a great relief, what a gift. She helped us write our vows to each other, so that they would be true to us, to what we feel in our hearts. We are blessed!

Beautiful April Wedding in New Mexico - An Eventective User from Austin, TX

Rev. Susan was a dream. She wrote exactly the words that were uniquely right for us [and had several guests wiping away tears]. She really created a blessed space and invited us in. Wow. XXXOOO

Thank you, Rev. Susan - An Eventective User from Austin, Texas

We are so grateful for all the blessings Rev. Susan bestowed upon us. Truly our whole experience was magical and wonderful and she was a very important part of that for us. We came up from Texas because of New Mexico’s welcoming same-sex couples. Thank you, Rev. Susan - we send our love and we know you share in our joy.

We are thrilled! - An Eventective User from Avon, Colorado

We contacted Rev. Susan on very short notice, nevertheless she was happy to rearrange her schedule so that we could get married just a few days before Christmas, even got us the necessary two witnesses. We came down from Colorado because of New Mexico’s new rules. She was an angel, we couldn’t be happier!

Excellent! - An Eventective User from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our experience was excellent in every way. Rev. Susan wrote a simple & heartfelt service for us, and even our witnesses were wiping away tears. We totally recommend her!

Acceptance & love! - An Eventective User from Avon, Colorado

We were hugely touched by Rev. Susan’s open-hearted acceptance [we came down from Colorado in response to Taos’ new rules]. The ceremony she wrote was just beautiful. We feel we are launched on a beautiful life and Rev. Susan was the start of it!

LGBT with bells on! - An Eventective User from Austin, Texas

We journeyed from Austin Texas because LGBT marriage is now legal in Taos and we wanted to make our loving partnership legal. Rev. Susan shared our giddy delight over this and was just a perfect officiant for us!

"We had it OUR way!" - An Eventective User from Denver, Colorado

We came to Taos from Denver because same-sex marriage is now legal in Taos! Yay! We still can’t quite believe it. Rev. Susan crafted just the right, beautifully simple and heartfelt ceremony for us, holding our hand all the way. We will remember this day FOREVER!

Wonderful! - An Eventective User from Bayonne, New Jersey

We were probably very exasperating clients but Rev. Susan rose to it all with good cheer and grace. My mom picked her out and sent her link to me and I said “Yes! She’s the one!” and I’m so glad I did. Definitely would recommend her to ANYONE.

It doesn’t get any better ~! - An Eventective User from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

She recommended a venue that was perfection, and completely fulfilled our hopes for a beautiful ceremony that reflected who we are. It doesn’t get better than that!

Magic Touch! - An Eventective User from Santa Fe, New Mexico

As soon as we met Rev. Susan we liked her! The extent of her experience shows in every aspect – she guided us where we needed to be guided, supported our choice of readings and vows with enthusiasm. We feel very fortunate to have chosen her! Thanks so much, Rev. Susan, for contributing so much to our day.

We loved her! - An Eventective User from Annapolis, Maryland

The ceremony that she wrote for us was a perfect reflection of who we are--she absolutely got us, both our hopes & dreams and also our quirks and sense of humor. I am so glad to give this recommendation! God bless you, Rev. Susan.

Thank You, Rev. Susan!" - An Eventective User from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Thank You, Rev. Susan ~ for helping us intuit what we wanted, for guiding us through with grace and love. Please DO refer people to us for RECOMMENDATIONS -- we think you are the best!

We're Very Grateful! - An Eventective User from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rev. Susan is a truly happy, upbeat, reassuring presence, and she's been doing this long enough so that she isn't fazed by anything [we wanted to include our 2 dogs in the ceremony]. It was a joy to work with her and we would recommend her very highly.

What a perfect day! - An Eventective User from Mascoutah, Illinois

Rev Susan had a real sense of who we are, and wrote a gorgeous ceremony to reflect that perfectly. She reassured us about the big things and the little things day by day. You did a great job, Rev, and we will always be grateful!

What an angel! - An Eventective User from Denver, Colorado

Rev Susan helped us find the perfect location for our simple ceremony; her kindness and generous good-will saw us through every step of the process. We are blessed to have her as our officiant!

"Perfect!" - An Eventective User from Ojai, California

The ceremony Rev. Susan wrote for us, and her lovely, sunny presence, made the day so special. We couldn't recommend her more highly!

A privilege! - An Eventective User from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Josh and I found Rev Susan’s sunny presence & calm spirit exactly what we needed to center and hold us. She said it was a privilege to share our love. That’s exactly how we feel about her. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding. Thank you, Rev. Susan!

She “read” us perfectly! - An Eventective User from Ojai, California

Rev. Susan made our wedding truly special; the ceremony she wrote was so moving, we both teared up many times throughout the ceremony! Her gentle & loving presence was truly a gift.

Easy & sweet! - An Eventective User from Chicago, Illinois

It was so easy to work with Rev. Susan – one of the sample ceremonies on her website fit us to a “T”, and then we wrote our own vows, following her helpful guidelines! She was the perfect officiant for us and we would recommend her very highly.

She bent over backwards to help us! - An Eventective User from Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Susan was so gracious about listening to us and holding our hand – we needed a lot of guidance! She recommended the wonderful musician we used, too, and in every way guided us through the process. We wanted to include some Native American elements too -- in the end, everything blended seamlessly to make a wonderful ceremony. She is the best!

Touching & magical! - An Eventective User from Ojai, California

Every word felt written just for us. How can we ever thank you, Rev. Susan.!! Many blessings upon your ministry. We would recommend you to ANYONE!

Exactly What We Wanted - An Eventective User from Denver, Colorado

My fiancé and I needed a little hand-holding, and Rev Susan was so loving and patient with us. Our families loved her too!

Warm & wonderful! - An Eventective User from Washington, DC

Rev. Susan really gave us total confidence in what we were about to do and that she would be there for us every step of the way. The ceremony was written just for us. What a perfect start to our beautiful life together!

Just perfect! - An Eventective User from New York, New York

What a lovely, personalized ceremony she wrote for us, perfect for who we are! It was a joy to work with her. All thanks to you, Rev. Susan!

Super! - An Eventective User from New York, New York

Rev Susan’s calm and happy presence was so important to our special day. When we arrived in Taos, we didn’t know where to start – when we chose Rev Susan as our officiant, she helped us find the right photographer, florist, & wedding cake, as well as writing a ceremony that reflected us perfectly!

Wonderful ceremony! - An Eventective User from Albuquerque, New Mexico

The ceremonies on Rev Susan's website are amazing -- we used one "as is" and it was perfect for us.

A real delight! - An Eventective User from Dallas, Tx

From the very beginning Rev. Susan was on the same wavelength as we were -- everything went so smoothly and the ceremony we created together was wonderful. Highest praise!

Highest possible recommendation! - An Eventective User from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thank you, Rev. Susan, for that rapturous service. It was incredibly touching. ..We were really moved… !!

A Perfect Ceremony! - An Eventective User from Taos, New Mexico

Susan was such a gift to us and our special day! She was so wonderful to work with and such a delightful and genuinely kind person. It wouldn't have been so beautiful and true to our love without her. She's the best! Eternal thanks!