Non Denominational Wedding Officiant

15916 Farringham Drive, Tampa, FL

About Non Denominational Wedding Officiant

Matt Kramer is a Non Denominational Wedding Officiant serving Tampa and the surrounding areas helping people create memorable events. As a minister of the Universal Life Church, he works with couples to help them create the kind of wedding they want. In his 25 year career in the music industry, he provided a similar service for musicians and audiences, setting a mood for thousands of successful performances. In 1971, he joined the Universal Life Church, a ministry that respects the universal nature of spirituality in all of its forms. He performed his first wedding service on the stage of the Troubadour, one of the most famous nightclubs in the history of Los Angeles. Preparing for a wedding can be a stressful process which can surface a family's most challenging issues. In preparing for a wedding, Matt's first priority is to support the couple's desire to create the kind of wedding event they want.