Luptons Buffet & Catering

5299 East Busch Boulevard, Tampa, FL


Great home cooking for the Holidays - An Eventective User from Tampa, Florida

My office did a Christmas party a couple of years back and I was the head of the party planning committee. The most troublesome decision I had to make was where to get the food. It was a year when we didn't have any budget for the party, so coworkers and Managers donated money for the party funds. I knew that I was going to have to find a place that did good holiday food on a tight budget. If I messed this up, it would not look good to the Managers. Someone in the office suggested I try Luptons Restaurant on Busch Blvd. I loved their food but had no idea that they catered. I immediately called to get a quote and I got a fabulous turkey dinner with all the trimmings for a very fair price. They even delivered, which was great since I was pulled in so many directions and the last thing I needed was gravy all over my back seat. It was a wonderful party; people are still talking about it. The food was great and it was so easy. I definitely got points with my boss and while I don't work there anymore, I have since used my boss as a reference. His favorite comment to employers about me is ," She can sure throw one hell of a Christmas party."