Catering By The Family

2322 West Cypress Street, Tampa, FL


Amazing Taste, Amazing Service - An Eventective User from Lakeland, Florida

I was delegated the task of finding a caterer for our 2011 annual family reunion. We've previously just had a big potluck, but the further people move away, the harder it is to bring stuff; so this year we decided having someone cook for us would be the best way to go. I researched a few places online, and based my decision of their menus. I picked Catering By The Family, ironically named considering our event. Prices were typically about the same per person, so I chose the place that had a good variety, as we knew we wanted a few different entree options. After looking over their vast menu, I decided on 4 entrees. I wanted a pasta dish, a chicken dish, a sandwich, and meat dish. I found it all. Each entree comes with sides and a desert. The chicken dish I chose was the Baked Italian Chicken; everyone liked it, especially the Chocolate squares it came with! The pasta was amazing; it was the Pasta Mimi, a chicken alfredo with vegetables. We went with a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, which tasted just like our homemade ones, it was great. And our last dish was the Beef tips with garlic mashed potatoes. The potatoes were to die for, so good! All the dishes were served hot and fresh. The sides that each item came with were great; some had garlic buns which tasted really fresh. Our budget was to keep it under $10 a person, and that was not hard to do. The service was great, the price was perfect, and the food tasted amazing. It definitely made the day more enjoyable!!