Zach Bartholomew Trio

2814 Blairstone Ct, Tallahassee, FL

About Zach Bartholomew Trio

The Zach Bartholomew Trio is one of the most promising up-and-coming jazz groups in North Florida. Their sound draws from the deep and rich tradition of swinging, soulful, straight-ahead jazz. Each member contributes his own unique experiences, musical tastes, and personality to the sound of the group as a whole. The trio has lots of experience playing at clubs, restaurants, weddings, private events, and music festivals. Individually, each member has studied music at the colligate level and has dedicated himself to the mastery of his respective instrument. All three have also had the experience of working both individually and collectively with some of the top jazz educators in the Southeast, including pianist Marcus Roberts and the Marcus Roberts Trio. As a trio, the ZBT focuses on developing their group chemistry so that it is possible for each member to express himself individually while collectively making a musical statement as a unit. Since the spring of 2009 the trio has been performing at venues around Tallahassee, as well as traveling down to central Florida for various concerts. Pianist Zach Bartholomew leads the trio with a passion and energy that manifests itself in his playing, while the band is held together by the strong, deep tone of bassist Brandon Robertson, and the tastefully rhythmic and supportive drumming of Miles Bozeman. These musicians know how to swing and groove hard, and once they start playing you won't be able to keep your feet from tapping. The three members of the trio met at Florida State University in the College of Music while pursuing a degree in jazz. Two-thirds of the band has now graduated with a music degree from FSU. Each member brings some modern-day flavor to the trio as well as a deep-rooted love for the American music we call jazz. They perform standards from the Great American Songbook, blues, ballads, jazz standards, swing, pop, and originals.