Events by Shawntae

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About Events by Shawntae

Thank you for choosing Events by Shawntae. Shawntae takes pride in providing a Once in a Lifetime Experience guaranteed to be as unique as you are. Our selected team is designed by licensed professionals to deliver an experience that is both memorable and stress free. Shawntae will be there to make your special day the perfect event you have always dreamed it would be. We will be available to assist you with all your planning needs. Yes! Shawntae can assure that your party will be as relaxing and stress – free as possible. We will see that everyone is prepared to take care of your every wish and will be in the right place at the right time. We can also help you with your budget we can show you ways to get what you want for your day and stay on budget. We will meet with you at no cost to you to see if this is something that you will like to do and if so we will go over the contract and everything will be in black and white to put you at peace. We will be waiting to show you and help you make your event dream come true. Sincerely Shawntae Jones Owner – Certified