The Bodybuilding Comedian

3724 s. tyler #a, Tacoma, WA

About The Bodybuilding Comedian

Stand-up Comedian Corporate comedian Certified trainer Actor Motivational speaker Bodybuilder Inspirational speaker MUSCLES OF LAUGHTER is "A SHOW THAT WILL HAVE YOU LAUGHING YOUR ABS OFFF!!!! His material highlights the humor of every day life experience while encouraging a sound mind and body. He is the only nationally ranked bodybuilder to knowledge that is a professional headliner comedian. Familiar with the fitness industry, he promotes bodybuilding, exercise, nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle through the use of stomach clinching laughter. He performs at conventions, colleges, clubs, casinos, special events, bodybuilding shows, or anything in between. PERFECT FOR ANY CROWD!!!!!!! A combination of exquisite entertainment that has muscles with mass appeal, stand-up comedy, improv and unforgettable humor. Brings a different look to stand-up comedy!!!!! He has performed at Boeings Family Day, has lifted sprits of the troops, and has been seen on Comcast Demand. He has Emcee and entertained at bodybuilding contests and even act in Operas (just to mention a few). He is strong entertainer with a wide range of material that will produce huge laughter.