Rich Cuisine

1202 Ogden Avenue, Superior, WI

About Rich Cuisine

For generations, the Richs' have had a passion for cooking and entertaining. We understand that preparing food for family and friends is a personal show of love and appreciation. Special meals around the family table nourish the body and the soul. These meals are fondly remembered. But when that “table” expands for wedding receptions, anniversary and retirement parties…. , it should still be a personal reflection of your love and every bit as delicious. Rich Cuisine is committed to making your event a loving extension of you to your honored guests. We will custom tailor: location, menu and level of service… to meet your desired effects and budget. From casual outdoor or backyard buffets to silver platter sit-down dinners we have done it. We will work closely with you down to the finest detail to create a menu and a delicious remembrance of your special day! Each Rich Cuisine catered event is unique, and it should be because each client is unique. Just like every dish we will prepare for you is unique. To us there is nothing unique about food straight out of a box, bag or can. It is for this reason we prepare each dish by hand. Below are just a few ideas of what your wedding menu could be. Call us to help create a special menu that will be a delicious and affordable family remembrance.