MediaBrewer Films

Summerfield, NC

About MediaBrewer Films

We are an event videography specialist located in Greensboro, NC and have expertise in wedding videography. We offer a unique approach to Wedding Video and strive to create an artistic video, similar to that of a film, of your wedding day. At MediaBrewer, we are committed to helping you preserve every moment and detail of your wedding day. We go above and beyond to provide a unique and special video service that is both refreshing and entertaining for years to come. Through focus of emotion, our videos capture more than just the wedding day, they preserve the memories and feelings of your wedding. In addition to our meticulous attention to video, we also capture complete and crisp audio, so every wedding vow, toast, and loving whisper is captured to enhance your wedding video. Our professional videography service not only provides the knowledge and skills to produce your wedding video, but we also utilize professional audio and video equipment to create your wedding video at the highest quality.