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About Psychic Awakening

Award Winning Psychic in Los Angeles,Studio City and Orange County California What the past and present can unfold about your future Sometimes in life we do not realize things that have occurred in our past. Even past life energies can affect our present. And Yes! Even our future. With a reading, Audrey is able to discover the Circumstances that have been altering your present and future happiness. In other words, being advised through Audrey’s gift can give you the clarity needed to start following your proper path in life and give you the peace of mind, love and contentment you've been searching If you have found yourself at a place in life where you feel something is blocking every attempt you make for some sort of change and happiness, whether it be in Love, Career, Luck, Money or just not being Content within yourself, Audrey will guide you to your true life's path of success. Audrey can offer insight and Enlightenment about Your life to help you understand and clear up the darkest of issues you may be suffering from.

Event Pricing

Per hour for psychic services
$125 - $300 /hour
Pricing for all event types
  • Special Features: I offer tarot card readings psychic readings Palm readings we also do chakra balancing and sound healing group sessions available