JAMB Productions Incorporated

11684 Ventura Boulevard Suite 469 Studio City, CA
William has created a group situation known as THE ELEMENTS.They are a professional ensemble that is dedicated to making their music be a part of this new millennium. They can provide a Delicate Duo, a Teasing Trio, or a Blazing Band. The instruments and vocals could range from the usual bass guitar (the upright bass, acoustic bass, or a 4/ 5 string electric), the electric guitar, the keyboards, drums, and percussion, horns, or maybe even a harmonica. For relaxation, parties, weddings, corporate events, special occasions, business meetings, conventions, local festivals, anniversary, or birthdays; wherever and whenever you have musical entertainment needs: THE ELEMENTS is well-prepared group that wants to bring entertainment and an atmosphere of musical excitement to your daytime /nighttime /anytime occasion. Thank You For Your Consideration..
Dana Point, CA  
$1,000 per event
Modern Gypsy “The Show”, is a conglomeration of Top  Notch and Elite Entertainers, Musicians and Producers that  come together to put on the best most Exhilarating and  Beautiful CorporateEvent Entertainment available.      MG Productions offers everything from the Music, under the direction of Renowned Guitarist Emilio, to visual acts such as Fire Dancers, Aerialists or Acrobats, to a world Class Magician performing mind boggling Illusions on stage, or a Live or Speed Painter creating a beautiful and custom work of art for the Client to keep! We even offer a Fabulous Ice Carver who creates a beautiful sculpture on ice right on Stage!  And Much More! And all happening in front of the exceptional music and  performance of the Modern Gypsy Band!