Banchet Flowers

1 Barry Pl, Stamford, CT

About Banchet Flowers

A full service florist that is also a unique event venue


Unexpected Masterpiece - An Eventective User from Fenton, IA

A couple of years back a some friends of my wife and I got married, they had moved to New York three years earlier and had been dating for the better part of five years. Her family had good money so they could afford a nice place. They had talked about Prince George Ballroom and the Central Park Boathouse, but they had some reservations at each place, especially given the cost. A friend of theirs who had lived in New York a while longer mentioned another place, Banchet Florist. They got a tour and invited us out to look at it. We went with them on a second trip and I was surprised by the look and feel of the place. While it is a business, the beauty of the place was intrinsic. The fact that flowers were abundant was a big bonus for the ladies. My wife and Britney were definitive in their affirmation, Josh and I had some reservations about the size, then we were told that next door was the Florist bar which increased the venue size to fit about 150, and given the target size at the time was 100-150 made it perfect. I still had reservations, until my wife and I arrived the day before the wedding. The flowers and the walls of the building created an amazing visual that played up the whole atmosphere. The floral arrangements were the best I have seen at a wedding. While not as openly spacious as some traditional wedding venues, it more than makes up for with the inherent decor and a modern elegant style that makes the look and feel unique and memorable. A couple of days later, my wife and I went back to get some flowers for memorabilia, we wound up walking away with over $1000 dollars in flowers. This just speaks to the power these arrangements have, I am not a big flower guy, but I wasn't upset about the cost, because these are great flowers. Venue Cost: Slightly High-End Venue Environment: Spectacular, modern and memorable. Amenities: Temporary use of any flowers makes this a huge bonus, as all of the arrangements are great. The bar increases the size to accomodate medium sized wedding parties. While not what you would expect, it leaves you with an amazing impression once you see it arranged. Definitely an A+ venue.

Must do it here - An Eventective User from New York

Who doesn't like flowers? You might not think of a florist shop as the most likely spot for a wedding, but this elegant 1800 square foot space features brick walls, elegant lines, and best of all, a shop full of flowers. I got temporary use of arrangements that are in the shop. We had loads of fun having our wedding at this place the capacity is amazing the people are friendly and it has a great view. I would surely go for this one. Capacity: with the next door Flower Bar, 125 for a seated reception.

The Epitome of Elegance - An Eventective User from New York, NY

My mother was remarried last spring and she wanted something quaint, yet beautiful. She is a gardener and was intent on incorporating a flower theme into her wedding. As the maid of honor, I vowed to help her shop for the venue. We went through so many before coming across the perfect place for her reception: the Banceht Florist. The small space is stunning with the brick walls and the overflowing flowers. Anyone that decides to book an event in this space is allowed to use the flowers that the shop currently has on display. It is such a bonus because the arrangements are done by a very famous florist! My mother could not have been more thrilled. Instead of getting married in the church, the ceremony and the reception were in the florist shop. It is a small space, but comfortably fit about one hundred guests. There was a wooden table like stage in the room that was elegantly decorated with the most beautiful arrangements you have ever seen. It was a fantasy and the beauty of the setting did not go unnoticed by anyone. Even the photographers that my mother hired were amazed at how spectacular the venue was. Because it is a small space and a florist shop, the staff were so helpful and personable. It did not feel like a business that was just trying to make money, but a real effort to make this special day perfect. My mother and her husband have recommended this venue to so many people since because they could not have been more pleased with their experience.