Details, Details, Details

Springfield, IL
...because the details make the difference! Offering services to brides and grooms (yes, groom - it's your day too!) ranging from limited consulting to full-service wedding planning. Review our service offering for a package that's right for you or work solely from our ala carte menu (the details that make the difference). Every wedding is different; every wedding is our opportunity to help dreams to be realized. You've waited a lifetime; let's make it remarkable!

It was remarkable!, KKing10910 from Springfield, Illinois

They say, "let's make it remarkable" and they really did! We thought we'd have more help than we did (from family and friends) and I guess the truth is we really didn't know how much time the planning can take - if you want things to be really nice. The Details crew came and made such a difference. They thought of things we didn't - things that tied everything together; things that still have people talking. I guess it's true, the details make the difference!