Blooming Events is a unique florist in the Ocala/Marion County area of North Central Florida. Our business specializes in flowers for events such as weddings, banquets, parties, conferences, and seasonal decorating. By concentrating on event flowers only, our designers are able to provide more personalized service to our customers throughout the planning and creation phases as well as the day of the event. Reduced overhead allows customers to stretch their floral dollar by taking advantage of our lower prices. Blooming Events prides itself on being able to offer professional floral creations at affordable prices. Now in its second year, Blooming Events is ready to create amazing floral designs for your special function. Be sure to book your event early to reserve the date with us. Our philosphophy is to be there for you, the customer and as a result, we book only one event per week to provide our clients with that personal service. Owner Jill Stephens has worked part time at another florist in Ocala for over 20 years. In addition to practical experience, she has taught floral design to high school students for 25 years and taught design as an adjunct professor at Central Florida Community College. Several students have gone on to win design awards at local and state competitions in addition to becoming professional designers.
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