Amazing Jeffo, "Not Your Typical Blind Magician"

920 6th Avenue South, South Saint Paul, MN

About Amazing Jeffo, "Not Your Typical Blind Magician"

Thank you for taking the time to read about this entertaining and motivational opportunity at your event. Be amazed, by none other than a blind magician! I know your audience would be fascinated by the wonder of a blind magician, and, as a result, be inspired to adopt their own "can do" attitude. 19 years, over 3000 shows!!! It’s light-hearted, lively and engaging. This show is every bit a comedy act, but with the added benefit of being loaded with amazing magic by, believe it or not, a BLIND MAGICIAN Choose from either performance format: • Quick, close-up magic routines that catch the eye and astound audiences - perfect for strolling! • Stage magic that’s highly visual and audience involving…Or, choose a combination of both! Out of his hat, Amazing Jeffo pulls mystery, gags, audience participation, harmonica playing, stories, sound effects, cheeky humor, music stunts and more - sure to mesmerize all! It engages all and leaves them wanting more. For church settings, my position as a blind illusionist conveys such biblical teachings as “Living by faith, not by sight”, and “Keeping our eyes on the things we cannot see…”. For birthdays, Amazing Jeffo makes the child or adult the “Star of the Day” while you relax and enjoy the party. Best of all, budget friendly fees! Laugh at the added wonder of a BLIND magician pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes! It’s more than just a magic performance at your event! My routines include a unique message woven into the magic that illustrates one need not possess sight to have vision. Amazing Jeffo has entertained, motivated and inspired corporate, non-profit, and governmental agencies, including: 3M, Xcel Energy, Amerprise, WCCO TV, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Twins, The IRS, and others. Read scores of testimonials from family friendly venues at my website. "Not your typical blind magician.”