ChazeFilms, LLC

P.O. Box 440468, Somerville, MA

About ChazeFilms, LLC

ChazeFilms, LLC is an independent video production company started by two Boston videographers. We have over 10 years of combined experience in which we've worked on a wide range of video and photo projects including, but not limited to, weddings, business promos, fitness, fashion, real estate, short films/sketches, interviews, private events and more. We love being able to capture special moments and tell stories through our work. Not only that but we take pride in building relationships because not only do we enjoy getting to know new people but we feel the more comfortable you are with us, the more comfortable you'll be on camera. That way we can provide a meaningful experience while producing the best video or photo work that we can. We like to provide a "professional service on a personable level". With that said, we would love to work with you and provide awesome videography services for you! Feel free to contact us for any of your Boston video production (or photography) needs!

Package Pricing

$600 - $3,000 /event
Pricing for all event types
$1,840 - $3,000 /event
Pricing for weddings only