First Class Limos

31525 Aurora Rd, Suite #5, Solon, OH


A Nice Ride! - An Eventective User from Mansfield, Ohio

I first experienced first class limos on a trip to the air port. We took a smaller limo since it was just a trip to the airport. The limo was very clean and the driver was very professional and drove with care and caution. The limo was simple and the driver was very friendly and familiar with the airport and he knew the terminals and gave us all the direction we needed to get to our terminal. It was our first time at Columbus airport and we were not at all familiar with it. Our driver help us out immensely. He not only knew the airport outside, but also the inside. He was able to direct us to where we would need to go with our luggage and where our flight would be leaving from. When we arrived home he was right on time to pick us up and waiting for us right past the security point. I would recommend First Class Limos for anyone looking for a comfortable ride. I also hear the have great party buses.

First Class Limos - Prom Night Experience - An Eventective User from Pittsburgh, PA

The limo made prom. A group of friends got together and split the limo cost in ten ways. The driver pulled up after we ate dinner and welcomed us. He was a very nice man and at first glance the limo appeared clean and professional. When we made our way inside, the response from everyone was pretty shocking (in a good way). The inside was stocked with drinks and snacks and it was very roomy. The model we had chosen was the 07 white Hummer H2. It has three TVs, fiber optic hookups, and eight bar areas. It enabled us to have a very good time this evening. We didn't opt for the lighted dance floor to save a few bucks. The driver traveled safely and left us alone like we wanted. The company really has some nice limousines. I felt a little out of my league with the amenities available. Picture anything that an 18 year old would want in a limo. We had a game system, on a flat screen, the acoustics were amazing and anything to eat or drink imaginable (except alcohol of course). I am very pleased with my experience in dealing with First Class Limos. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to spend the money. That H2 is probably the last Limo I will ride in, and i am content with that. The limo provided by First Class Limos certainly made the evening more enjoyable and more memorable for all of us. I gave the company great ratings except for value. These are expensive toys.

First Class Everything - An Eventective User from Cleveland, Ohio

I only used this for a friend's bachelor party, but boy as it worth it. The driver was very friendly, and helped us learn the features and everything inside. Asked us if we had any questions then got in, his driving was phenomenal, very smooth so we could enjoy ourselves in the back. When we got to our destination, he made it clear that it was about us, and to not worry about taking too long, I know thats a given, but its nice to hear anyways. When we wanted to go someplace else, he was happy to drive us wherever we wanted to go. He even recommended some places we would have never even thought to go. At the end of the night he dropped us off, we thanked him, i tipped him a good amount and we left. I would recommend this company to ANYONE looking for a limo service whatever the occasion. I can say that you will not be disappointed.