Kellen Marson - Comedy Hypnotist Award-Winning

601 S Lincoln Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD

About Kellen Marson - Comedy Hypnotist Award-Winning

Kellen Marson can ONLY be described as a motivating, awe-inspiring and talented hypnotist, who uses breath-taking displays of hypnotic phenomena, unbelievable energy and hysterical comedy to weave a truly unforgettable and inspiring show that can only be truly appreciated by seeing him live. Kellen Marson's high-octane comedy hypnosis show is a sure-fire hit: a mixture of hysterical skits, mind-blowing demonstrations, and a motivating and inspiring ending that will leave you and your audience standing on your feet emotionally electrified and begging for more. Don’t be fooled by Kellen Marson's calm, lovable and often shy off stage personality. When this hypnotic maniac takes to the stage he lives by the motto dare to fail. In Kellen’s comedy hypnosis show you WON’T find people being hypnotized in chairs for 20 minutes. Kellen Marson has his volunteers stand center stage, makes their eyes become stuck shut and then with a gentle tap on the shoulder, volunteers melt to the floor one by one, in the most powerful display of hypnotic phenomena you’ll only get when you book Kellen. In as little as 3 minutes, often less, Kellen’s volunteers are hypnotized and ready to perform. KELLEN MARSON also knows the serious side of hypnosis and the benefits it can bring. He has, through personal sessions, helped hundreds to quit smoking, lose weight, and achieve their personal goals. In fact, Kellen was featured on CBS in 2012 due to the success of his weight loss program. Kellen Marson has also worked with both high school and collegiate athletes to enhance athletic performance, trained medical professionals on the use of hypnosis as a healing tool and helped corporations both large and small increase sales performance and motivation. Regardless of whether you are interested in hiring Kellen Marson for a rock-star performance, as a speaker for your corporation, or for a serious life changing therapeutic session, you’ll be met with a genuine and professional individual dedicated to getting the results YOU want.