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Simi Valley, CA

About Grunzy Channel Video Production

We are a company that for the last 15 years has specialized in documenting the Live Concert experience of mostly local Southern California Bands. I specialize in bands and events that are on a tight budget. I have low overhead and can provide my services at a fraction of the cost of other companies. I can shoot weddings, corporate events, concerts and anything else you would like to have documented. What can we provide? •The filming of your event, with multiple cameras when needed •Live Webcast of your event •Add clips to videosites (such as YouTube) •Video editing of the event •Putting the event on a DVD, with as many copies as you need. (prices negotiable by volume) •Straight transfer to DVD of raw footage •Tranfer to DVD with Chapters


Attention to Detail - An Eventective User

I hired Tibor for a concert. I asked him to be there about 30 minutes before our performance time to set up. Tibor got there 2 hrs before showtime to make sure he did proper sound checks and talk to the venue to best set up for the best footage. Let me tell you all, the man is Amazing!!! He provided us amazing footage of our show. Couldn't be happier! Tibor is also extremely pleasant to work with; very accommodating. He makes sure he will give you what you expected to capture. I interviewed probably 15-20 videographers. Yes, I am picky! So I say with confidence, do not hesitate to use Tibor's services…You Will Be Pleased!!!

Tibor Rocks! - An Eventective User from LA, CA

I've experienced first hand Tibor's wonderful work many times throughout the years. I sing in a cover band Which One's Pink and Tibor shot many of our live performances. Each one is better than the next. He really captures the essence of the night's energy, people, excitement with incomparable skill. I would recommend Tibor for any major event. Tibor Rocks!!

Professional Video you can count on! - An Eventective User from San Gabriel Valley, CA.

Tibor is so professional from the start to end of the production. His editing is awsome. Always prompt, prepared and flexible to the task at hand. The final product always turns out right!! I have known Tibor/Grunzy for over twenty years! I am a photographer and he and I have "shot" many of the same concerts over the years! Since as far back as 1998. I highly recommend Grunzy Channel Video Production for all of your video needs!

Professional Video you can count on! - An Eventective User from San Gabriel Valley, CA.

Tibor is so professional from the start to end of the production. His editing is awsome. Always prompt, prepared and flexible to the task at hand. The final product always turns out right!! I have known Tibor/Grunzy for over twenty years! I am a photographer and he and I have "shot" many of the same concerts over the years! I highly recommend Grunzy Channel Video Production for all of your video needs!

Professional AND Fun!! - An Eventective User from Ventura, CA

I'm a singer/songwriter and have worked with Tibor many times over the past 5 years in several different venues including outdoor festivals, large room restaurants and small dark listening room type spaces. I have been so impressed with his work and am always amazed at the level of production quality he can capture, even in some of the not so ideal spaces. He is amazing and artistic, a true professional. He's easy to work with and never in the way, I'd recommend him for any type of audio/video work needs you may have.

For love of video - An Eventective User from Sherman Oaks, CA

It's no exaggeration to say that Tibor loves video. He collects and appreciates good video. That being said, he appreciates quality video and never more than when he is producing the video. I have seen him grow to his current level of expertise, improving his skills, buying better equipment and working for free to get experience. If you want a great video document of your event, Grunzy Channel Video Production is the place to go. And you'll never meet a more honest and pleasant person to do business with.. I've known him over 25 years and he's the best!! And I say this without bias. Check him out and I'm sure you'll agree. He really loves his work and it shows.

Solid Pro Video!!!! - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

Tibor is highly passionate about doing first rate work. From the crisp camera work to the last details of editing...the video comes out first class! I would HIGHLY recommend Grunzy Channel to anyone looking to find the very best in video services. He shot a concert of mine and I was VERY pleased with the video work and the super prompt delivery! A++++++

Quality & Class - An Eventective User from Ventura County

Tibor exemplifies quality & class when it comes to the production of his work. I have used his services on more than one occasion. Saying I was pleased with his work would be an understatement.

Great to work with - An Eventective User from Camarillo CA

Used company for a music video and also to cover a concert. Great footage and super fast turnaround time! 2 thumbs up!

Excellent Video Production - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

Grunzy filmed my band at a festival last year, and the quality was superb! I recommend Grunzy for any live music videography and anything beyond that as well. -Rich Sheldon richsheldonmusic (dot) com

Awesome Videos! - An Eventective User from Solvang, CA

My band and I have used Grunzy Channel Video Production's services for photos and videos and we were very happy with the results! Not only do the photos and video look amazing, but he is a pleasure to work with.

Great Live Music Recording - An Eventective User from Los Angeles, CA

It takes not only a great eye for the camera, but a great ear for music to truly capture the essence of a live music performance. Grunzy Channel Video Production is professional, caring and thorough in each step of recording our live shows- capturing memorable moments for us to share with our fans, friends, and professional contacts. Sugar Mountain and Mother Jones Band highly recommend their services!

Excellent Video Production - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

We've had the pleasure of working with Grunzy Channel Video Production on several occasions. The videos they produce and their work ethic has been professional and outstanding every time. We hope to work with them again in the future and recommend contacting them for your production needs.

Creative & Technically Acurate - Tibor's got it! - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

Tibor is passionate about live events and it shows in the dynamic experiences he captures. His work is always top quality, entertaining and lets you feel the energy as if you were there. If you are thinking of working with Tibor & Grunzy Channel, Stop Thinking and Do It! You will be glad you did!

Incredible Production and Experience - An Eventective User from San Francisco, California

Grunzy Channel Video is an incredible company that produces amazing quality video. They are creative, organized and professional. I have worked with them numerous times and they are a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Total Pro - An Eventective User from Los Angeles, CA

Everytime I hire Grunzy, he meets or excels the job expectations. He is my first call for all my video and editing needs. Thank you!

Excellent Results - An Eventective User from California

When looking for an event photographer or videographer, we hope to find someone passionate and creative that can reproduce the feeling of the particular event. We found that with Grunzy Channel Video Production. If you are looking for personable, quality results from someone that actually cares about your feelings, you found them.

Everything you could want! - An Eventective User from San Francisco

Grunzy has done multi-camera video shoots for us a few times now. He is professional, hard working, and creative. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Great Experience - An Eventective User

With a strong recommendation from other artists, our band hired GCVP to record our album release show. We had a wonderful working experience with the company. Professional onsite work followed with a timely turn around and high quality output.

Professional Production - An Eventective User from London, UK

I am an International Recording Artist that tours mainly in North and South America. My experience with GCVP has been very enjoyable and worthwhile. From set up to delivery this company gives a high quality service and I personally recommend them to anyone who wants a great service at a very reasonable price! PB

Quality video production with a visual edge - An Eventective User from Los Angeles, CA

Grunzy Channel Video Production captured some of the most amazing live performances I've been a part of yet. They are professional with a keen awareness of cinematography and lighting. I am impressed with how well they are able to capture the moment and yet retain the overall energy of a live show. The videos are perfect for sharing and the quality enables you to feature them in any project or event.

The best video we have - An Eventective User from San Pedro, CA

Tibor Grunzy did a 3 camera shoot for us at The Ponderosa Resort that is still the best video we have of the band. This guy has a great eye and ear for musical video production. His seamless editing made our band look great and the sound quality is pristine. That video turned into a good little investment for our band Dead to the Core. We use clips from it for promo. We are happy customers and look forward to working with Grunzy again soon.

High-end video production - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

For those who are looking for high-resolution video with high-end sound quality, Grunzy is your man. Your event will be documented with smooth and steady camerawork and some of the most listenable audio you will ever hear from a live event. Absolutely top-notch!

Great promotional resource - An Eventective User from Southern California

As a popular tribute act, Cubensis utilizes Grunzy Channel Video Production to record many of our performances, not only for archival purposes but also for the enjoyment of fans who may not have been able to attend a particular show. The videos are particularly valuable for promotional use when a potential client wants to know what we look and sound like. We're always pleased with the final result, whether we ask for a single static shot or a full-on multi-camera shoot which Grunzy edits into a polished presentation.

Quality Video Production - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

My name is Larry Isenberg. I am a Los-Angeles based attorney, and the founder of the band Which One's Pink?, a tribute to the music of Pink Floyd. My band has been working with Tibor of the Grunzy Channel for more approximately 7 years. He has produced numerous multi-camera recordings of us live, in studio, and on a number of occasions has produced world-wide webcasts of our shows. He is as knowledgeable and professional as they come, has top-notch equipment, and his attention to detail always results in an A+ product!! If you are in need of video production for your event, I highly recommend Tibor and the Grunzy Channel, you will not be disappointed!

Live video of your band - An Eventective User from Redondo Beach,Ca.

Grunzy Channel Video Productions has NEVER failed to do the absolute best job of videoing and webcasting live performances of any of the bands they work for. If you need this kind of a service don't hesitate to use them. They are simply the best! Go to youtube and check out any number of video's of Cubensis - The Grateful Dead Tribute Band and see for yourself!

Live Events - An Eventective User from New York

Grunzy Channel has been our video crew of choice for live events streamed as well as post production work on the west coast. Their camera work is impeccable as well as the audio quality. We have produced many live events both on-site and virtually, across the globe under diverse conditions and Grunzy always delivers. Grunzy Channel will continue to be our premium provider in the SoCal area and anyone looking for a solid video partner would be wise to use them. - DeadVids

Birthday - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

Hired Grunzy Channel Video production to do a Blu Ray of my 60th birthday party. Excellent job and excellent results. Have a memory of what happened for the rest of my life.