Rich In Love Wedding Officiant

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Wedding Officiant | Rich In Love Weddings | Sierra Vista, AZ | *NOT DISPLAYED* Between invitations, flowers, decorations, and dresses, often the detail that gets left until the last minute when it comes to the wedding is the actual service itself. This is the part of your wedding that your guests are going to remember much more than the food, the colors, and the seating arrangements. We at Rich In Love Weddings want to make sure your ceremony is a complete celebration of you and your partner, and we do so by providing an experienced wedding officiant in Sierra Vista, AZ. We have spent the last nine years performing all different types of ceremonies, so we know that the actual ceremony is the most magical moment in the beginning of a married couple’s life. We want to ensure that this ceremony truly expresses your beliefs and backgrounds as a couple. In the past we have done everything from an Apache blessing to a unity candle ceremony to a sand ceremony to help a couple declare their love and commitment to one another. Rich In Love Weddings is happy to do same day license weddings. We offer information on how to obtain a marriage license, however we do not do that step ourselves. If you want an easy, headache free elopement, we are happy to marry you the same day you receive your license. We are thrilled to officiate marriages for Christian couples, non-denominational couples, couples of mixed religions, non-religious couples, and same sex couples. We know that love makes the world go round and are happy to offer marriage ceremonies to anyone who wants to declare their love and start a family. Your dream wedding can be everything you want it to be and more. Reach out to us today for more information about a secular officiant for your wedding