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771 Catalina Dr, Sierra Vista, AZ
About Ahava Reflections
Ahava Reflections was founded in 2017 as a professional photography service offered by Tyler and Jennifer Rumsey. Ahava (Ah-Ha-Va) - is a Hebrew word that when translated to English is “love”, though a more literal translation would be “to give”. Tyler started calling Jennifer, Ahava, as a replacement for “honey” or “love” years ago, so it’s been a fairly common term between them for some time now. When they started Ahava Reflections they set out to choose a business name with deeper meaning. “Ahava” became the anchor of their name immediately. The term of endearment he utilized for so long also embodies how they try to approach people and life, “to love by giving”. Reflections, the second part of their name, just kind of fell into place after that. After all, a photograph is a reflection of it’s content. They strive to love their customers by giving them excellent reflections of their lives. Photography has been a mutual interest of theirs for many years, though the inspiration behind each of them varies. Jennifer is inspired by the photographic process itself. She enjoys each step along the way, and is always planning as she goes. This approach helps her achieve incredible compositions. She loves how the steps culminate into a final image that best reflects how she sees the world. Her favorite images are those that are visually interesting and cause her to look a few times before seeing the deeper meaning the artist was intending. Tyler is the big picture guy, and he also happens to be an idealist. He really enjoys images that break stereotypes and portray people at their best. He thinks that images that have the power to make people think or rethink their biases and positions have the potential to change the world for the better. He tends to live “in the moment” which helps him capture some pretty amazing candid images. His favorite images are those that evoke or portray powerful emotion. Tyler and Jennifer have lived in Sierra Vista, AZ since 2006. The two were married in August 2005 at the ages of 18 and 16. They have a total of six beautiful, unique children. Their hobbies revolve around photography and eating great tasting food together.
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