Marks Garden

13838 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA


Beauty and the Boss - An Eventective User from Los Angeles

I learned about Marks Garden years ago when my boss insisted that we always use them. I can -strangely enough - say that I have never seen one of my marks garden purchases in person. I call them up and within minutes the order is on its way. However, I'm not ever worried. Every person I send flowers to has always been overwhelmingly pleased and grateful. They call gushing over the amazing arrangements. I have full confidence in Marks.

Beautiful Arrangements - An Eventective User from Los Angeles, CA

I became familiar with Mark's Garden when I was working at a large corporation. We gave out a lot of contracts and many people sent thank you gifts to those of us who went to bat for them. Flowers are always a lovely idea, but I never felt so special as when I received flowers from Mark's Garden. No matter the size of the bouquet, the amount of effort and creativity put into each arrangement is magnificent. There were a lot of women on our floor and there was actual buzz created by a flower delivery from Mark's. Long-lasting, gorgeous and SO thoughtful... Whenever I have the need to send flowers, I use Mark's Garden. I recently had to send some from a much smaller office and the service was extraordinary.