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About MADD Virgin Drinks

MADD Virgin Drinks offers a full line of non-alcoholic alternatives for your next event. Please feel free to have a look around the web site and see what a great variety of alternative non-alcoholic beverages we can offer you and your Patrons/Clients. Why would you want to offer MADD Virgin Drinks? • Provide an option or alternative for your event -other than the usual pop, juices, water, etc. • We offer a Full Range of Products- Red and White Wine, a Brut Champagne, Beer and Cocktails • Give your Patrons or Guests an outstanding tasting experience • Corporate Social Responsibility, Proud to serve MADD • We are supported and endorsed by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)- The Drinks to Drink when you're not Drinking These are a few examples of benefits that may apply to you. We at MADD Virgin Drinks are looking to expand our presence within your industry sector. Currently, we have Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada and Pharmasave in BC/Alberta who distribute for us, Walgreens in the USA, Sobeys, IGA, a couple of the Provincial Liquor Control Boards, local Health Food Stores and other outlets. You can order right off our web page, take advantage of Retailer discounts and experience personalized service for all of your needs. 10% of Net Sales will be donated on your behalf to MADD to support their efforts and mandate. We offer a very competitive pricing structure that will benefit you, your Clients, MVD and of course Madd Canada. We can get into more detail about this but as a rough idea, I have included our Retail pricing below. We have built in a 20% reduction to the end Client.

Package Pricing

MADD Virgin Drinks Product Overview
$50 /event
Pricing for all event types