Magician/Illusionist--Pete Michael

989 whitman drive, Sarasota, FL

About Magician/Illusionist--Pete Michael

World renowned illusionist and T.V. personality Pete Michael available for bookings of high end private and corporate events. Pete Michael offers a variety of high end entertainment from close-up strolling events where miracles are seen just inches from the spectators. He has clients the caliber of Universal Studios, Absolute Vodka, Ferrari, Google and Microsoft. Pete Michael is also the Worlds First 7D Holographic Illusionist that seamlessly meshes live props for immersive hyperrealistic Holograms that leave the stage and actually emerge deep over the audience without the use of any 3D glasses or screens. Pete Michaels holographic routines are totally customisable for brand reveals, logo promotions, conventions and much more. The Future of magic is here!!!!!!!
  • Special Features: *)Worlds First 7D holographic Illusionist-The audience can not tell when physical props are seamlessly switched for hyperrealistic holograms as they emerge into the crowd. Seeing, hearing and feeling the immersiveness. *)Production illusions with C.E.O.