Sonoma Rebound

353 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

About Sonoma Rebound

The Sonoma Rebound Project was conceived by a small group of Santa Rosa residents who want to help mitigate the impacts of the recent historic fires. Our goal is to provide a venue where the community can come together to share ideas, to offer services, and to have some fun, especially for those who lost their homes or jobs due to the disaster. We offer a number of free workshops to the public, please go to to view workshop and event schedule. We also offer our facility to the public for group meetings. 1. Under 7 people - free on an available basis * Sonoma Rebound is supported by public donations only, please support us by making a small contribution when using our facility. 2. Under 15 people - $10/hr on an available basis 3. Under 40 people - $25/hr with big screen TV and connectivity to a computer * Please check with us for availability - *NOT DISPLAYED*

Package Pricing

Group meeting under 15 people
Attendees: 7-15 | $10 /hour
Pricing for meetings only
Group meeting under 40 people
Attendees: 7-40 | $25 /hour
Pricing for meetings only
Group meeting under 7 people
Attendees: 2-7 | Call for Price
Pricing for meetings only
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