From The Ground Up

Santa Rosa, CA
Flavor + Style + Nutrition. Do you dream about creating a unique combination of food that appeals to the senses, inspires, creates harmony, empowers, educates and nourishes YOU in your unique lifestyle? That's my dream too, and I am here to help! My vision is to marry the nutritional and high quality aspects of food to the aesthetic side (Michelin Star style) while supporting the local farms, based on your UNIQUE needs and preferences . It's an all around FEEL GOOD experience- for you, your friends, family AND the planet. I am a PLANT BASED Chef, focused on local, holistic and beautiful food for you and your body. My services are GLUTEN FREE + VEGAN + VEGETARIAN. I am more than happy to work with your allergy needs as well. My purpose is to help aid YOU enjoy your food experience and ENJOY food in all realms!