The Pizza Gypsy

Santa Cruz, CA

About The Pizza Gypsy

Jasmine Faber - Founder We bring our mobile wood fired oven to your party, special event or festival! Whether you’re looking to throw a great party at your home or neighborhood, or if you want to create a rewarding experience at work, we craft fresh and amazing wood fired pizzas that bring a smile to the world’s most discriminating pizza connoisseurs. We create a fun environment that's great for bonding. Have you ever noticed how parties always congregate in your kitchen? The same is true with our business. Party-goers naturally gravitate to our wood fired oven. They're mesmerized by our fire and the entire creation of a gourmet pizza. They love to watch our artisans morph a dough ball into a beautifully handcrafted pie. They're intrigued by the cooking process – our screaming hot oven cooks your pizzas in less than 2 minutes – and they love to see and smell their bubbling hot gorgeous pie with its thin crispy browned crust as it leaves the oven. Are you looking to create a great team-building opportunity? Ask us about our “Gypsy-bonding” package. We'll teach your team to toss their own pizzas; then we'll give them access to our inventory of family-recipe sauces and delicious fresh toppings. After they create their own pizzas, we'll cook them to perfection. This is a wonderful opportunity for a team to craft something fantastic and to receive instant gratification from their efforts. If you bring the people, their appetites and provide the location, we'll bring our traveling oven, our fresh dough, family-recipe sauces a bounty of ingredients to produce custom pizzas. And not to be understated, our dough is incredible! We insist on using only the finest “00” grade flour. “Double-0” flour is super-fine and it’s the foundation of the best pizza you’ll ever taste. It yields delightfully soft and pliable dough that tastes remarkable; it’s created to withstand the intense heat of a wood fired oven, which only enhances its flavor. Our mantra is simple. We’ll create The Most Enjoyable and Memorable Pizza Experience, Ever! Please contact us today and allow us to work with you to create a party that your friends or coworkers will always fondly remember. We are based in Santa Cruz, California. “Have party, will travel!”