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Address: Santa Clara, CA 95055 Golden Jumpers in Santa Clara, CA, is the epitome of party excellence, offering a wide array of rental options that transform any gathering into an unforgettable festivity. Situated in the bustling heart of Silicon Valley, Golden Jumpers is more than just a rental service; it's a gateway to creating joyful memories that last a lifetime. Specializing in bounce house rentals, jumper rentals, water slide rentals, obstacle courses, and even essential party amenities like tables and chairs, this esteemed company caters to every aspect of party planning, ensuring your event is a resounding success. At Golden Jumpers, the variety and quality of bounce house rentals stand unmatched. These vibrant structures, available in an array of themes from fairy tales to superhero adventures, instantly become the center of attraction at any event. They're not only a source of endless fun for children but also offer a nostalgic leap back to childhood for adults. Similarly, the jumper rentals are designed to provide a safe and exhilarating environment where kids can enjoy hours of active play, boosting their physical activity and social interaction. For those warm Santa Clara days, Golden Jumpers' water slide rentals are nothing short of a blessing. These slides, varying in height and complexity, offer a refreshing escape from the heat, making them a favorite for summer parties and gatherings. The excitement of climbing up and the rush of sliding down into a cool pool of water is an experience that guests of all ages look forward to. But the fun doesn't end with inflatables. Golden Jumpers also offers challenging obstacle courses that are perfect for adding a competitive edge to your event. These courses, with their series of hurdles, climbs, and slides, foster a spirit of teamwork and determination among participants, making them ideal for corporate events, school fun days, and community gatherings. Understanding the importance of convenience and comfort at large gatherings, Golden Jumpers extends its rental services to include tables and chairs, ensuring that all guests are accommodated comfortably. Whether it's a backyard birthday party, a corporate event, or a large community celebration, they provide the necessary infrastructure to host guests with ease. Golden Jumpers' commitment to the community of Santa Clara goes beyond providing high-quality rentals. They pride themselves on their stringent safety standards, ensuring that each item is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before and after every use. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their attentive service, timely delivery, and the impeccable condition of their rental items. Situated in the vibrant community of Santa Clara, Golden Jumpers is deeply integrated into the local fabric, understanding the unique needs and preferences of its residents. Their services are tailored to enhance the communal spirit, bringing people together through the universal language of fun and laughter. Choosing Golden Jumpers for your next event in Santa Clara means opting for a service that combines quality, reliability, and a deep understanding of what makes a party truly special. Whether it's the thrill of a water slide on a sunny day, the excitement of bouncing in a colorful house, or the challenge of navigating an obstacle course, Golden Jumpers guarantees an experience that is as memorable as it is joyful. With Golden Jumpers, every event in Santa Clara is transformed into a celebration of happiness and community spirit. Hour: 24 hours, 7 days a week Year of Est.: 2018 Number of Employees: 15 Payment: Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Cash, Check