Charlotte Truffles LLC

Santa Clara, CA

About Charlotte Truffles LLC

Charlotte Truffles is based in Santa Clara and takes pride in her truffles. My truffles provide a great representation of people in this valley and celebrate its diversity. A bite of this truffle will remind you the memories of your holidays in Asia or for some; memories of where they came from. I do this by offering unique flavors, like mango, jackfruit, or Vietnamese Coffee. In the future, I will expand our collection to include other tropical fruits and other Asian flavors. Not only do we savor our roots from a cultural perspective, we also do this from a production cycle; where I keep the process closer to its roots. I puree my own fruits which then is added to the truffle. In addition, I make small batches of truffles where I don't add any additional sugar or preservatives to the recipe. I also offer various collections of truffles that would be great for favors or gifts.