Safari Run

341 North Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, CA

About Safari Run

WE OFFER PRIVATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Birthday parties that are a blast for the family! Once you are here, everything is set up for you. We watch that the kids are together as a group, We entertain the kids We set up and serve the food.We wrap up food that is not eaten.We clean up.We even carry all the gifts to your car WE OFFER FITNESS CLASSES: We are striving to make children aware of a healthy lifestyle. Our workouts consist of play structure, obstacle course training, balance disks, stability balls, mini hurdles, large hurdles, agility ladders, cones, jump ropes, steps and free-weights. Also, kids learn the value of different foods and how nutrition plays a big part in performance. Classes are specifically designed for each age group (3years-13years). Help your kids stay active and healthy throughout the school year! Classes start in September and end in May. WE OFFER SEASONAL CAMPS: The camp environment feels a lot like "the good old days" where exercise is playing games. The time before video games, computers and hand held devices. We have contests, arts & crafts, hide and seek, climbing, tug-of-war, board games, prizes and the arcade room (for a good behavior reward). We strive to make kids aware of being healthy by serving healthy snacks & lunch, and having daily discussions on health and nutrition. These things in combination with a structured environment and great staff create a fun and enlightening experience. Children will develop socially and physically. This is a wonderful place for children to play and get plenty of exercise. WE OFFER OPEN PLAY: Admission is on the hour. Cost is $7.00 per child per hour with parent supervision. We offer a punch card 20 visits for $120.00 (you save $20). There is no food or drink available during this time. Open Play is recommended for ages 4-10. Street parking is available, please plan accordingly. Socks are required.