40 Acres Soul Kitchen

1505 S Winchester, San Jose, CA
About 40 Acres Soul Kitchen
We specialize in soul food as well traditional American and vegetarian options. All our dishes are created from scratch using the freshest meats, produce, baked goods, herbs, and spices available. 40 Acres Soul Kitchen has reworked recipes passed down from generation to generation into healthier re-creations. Our services consist of a mobile food truck as well as catering and event planning for parties, outdoor events, weddings, holiday parties, birthday parties, corporate events, picnics, anniversaries, and special events. Special event service will range from classic, casual, or theme-based. Table props and centerpieces are comprised of natural elements like fruit, floral, greens and decorative pieces; all handcrafted and made of re-purposed, recyclable/biodegradable, and reusable materials. We support our local economy by utilizing and establishing lasting business relationships with local farms and small businesses in San Jose, CA, and surrounding communities. Here are some of the products and services we offer our clients: • Corporate Catering • Wedding Planning / Catering • Holiday Catering • Box Lunch Catering • Mobile Food Truck • BBQ Catering • Rental Services To request a quote, email *NOT DISPLAYED*
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