Soulflower Floral Design

2565 3rd Street, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA


Amazing! - An Eventective User from Orinda, CA

I was helping a friend organize her wedding, and suddenly I have to find a fantastic Florist, unless I want to have a unhappy bride on my hands. I set out for the city of San Fransisco, Where I usually go to get something great. I looked all over the place (well, not all over, but the places that were recommended) and I had a couple of so-so florists on my list. As I was preparing to go home, I saw Soulflower Floral Design and thought, maybe this will be the one. Just one more try. I was greeted by a super friendly staff, and the place was pretty much spotless. I was looking through there wedding styles, and I found one particularly caught my interest. Could this be the one, I thought. The staff member who was helping me,I believe her name was Emily, helped me make the selection one of a kind. We invited her to the hotel that was hosting the wedding, and she helped us get more bang for the buck with simple ideas, since we didn't have much of a budget. When the big day came, everybody was amazed how studding the place looked, and everybody asked who was your florist. I will definitely recommend this, and I already have to family and friends. I am very glad that I had taken the one last stop to Soulflower Floral Design, because if I didn't, who knows what would have happened.