Pleasant Limo

888 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA


Very good - An Eventective User from Orinda, CA

I needed a Limo for my daughters 12th birthday, to make her feel like a star, So I looked up limo companies in San Fransisco on yelp. I found one, Pleasant Limo, and mostly all of the reviews were positive. I thought it was too good to be true. So I booked the limo about a week before the event, and when the day came, they came at the EXACT second the clock turned 12, the time I requested. It actually wasn't a Limo, It was a Sedan, but same difference! The Sedan driver was very professional, and quite the gentleman as well. He open the door to the car, and the inside was amazing. The seats were extremely soft and comfortable. The whole Sedan inside was black leather. We sat down, got complementary bottled water (a plus for me!) and the driver drove us to our destination. The ride was amazing. I didn't even feel a bump, it was that smooth. I would definitely recommend this company to anybody! The price wasn't outrageous either. It was reasonably priced around $55, while the others were at least 20 dollars more, what a steal! The only major setback I have was the day before I ordered the service, It was 10-20 dollars more. But what do you do? For this quality, I would have payed any price. But I have not ridden in a limo before that, so I can not say that it is defiantly better the rest. I am sure it is on the top somewhere, or going to be on the top someday.

Look like a boss - An Eventective User from Orinda, California

Pleasant Limo, nice for parties, not for commuting. They used to have nice cheap rates. It was well worth commuting in one of their nice town cars. It used to cost $5 more than a taxi ride to San Francisco. Now their trips cost about $15. You could waste some serious cash doing that every day. But paying a bit extra beats riding a dirty old, ill maintained taxicab. Their website was very nice. It's all automated. You don't have to wait for somebody to manually process your reservation. And their cars have a sort of power. Where ever you travel you look professional, it's a limo after all. Their service is modern since they send you a text message when they arrive. I always know when they will send a text because they always arrive on time. Not to forget to mention they are great with infant passengers. They brought an infant seat when I asked one time. The inside of their car beats a taxi a hundred times over. Tinted windows eliminate the embarrassment you get when a person from another car looks at after you accidentally stare at them. Their interiors are in top condition. No bread crumbs or dirt. Their leather seats are cleaned often and not torn up. The driver, Ray, carried my bags at the airport some time. It was pretty nice not having to lug up 2 big bags up those standard, not designed for bags, airport stairs. For now, this remains my personal taxi service.