Natalie Bowen

610 22nd St, San Francisco, CA


Bowen is the Best - An Eventective User from San Francisco Ca

I work at a Hair Salon in San Francisco and we hired Natalie Bowen to come in and do weekly arrangements for the front desk and stations of the stylists. SHe has been working for us for over a year now and there is almost not a single day where someone doesn't come in and rave about how beautiful her designs are. Every week it is something different from the last. They are always dramatic and make an elegant statement. Not only are her arrangements always fabulous but she couldn't be a nicer person. So wonderfully sweet and professional. She responds to any needs or concerns we have in a very timely manner and is always able to accommodate any special circumstances. She is incredibly easy to get a hold of and to work with. Her arrangements are so eye catching that several of the clients who frequent the salon have gotten her information from us and hired her for their weddings and special events. She also doe arrangements for several other high end restaurants and businesses in the San Francisco Area but still always has time for her regulars. She is very fashionable and uses a variety of unusual plants in her designs. Whenever she uses something new or different she gives us their names as she knows people will be asking about it. Her arrangements always bring home the feel of the seasons with beautiful colors and delicate flowers in spring to amazing succulents in summer and robust heavy and vibrant plants in winter. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who has any floral needs.