Donworth Event Center

473 Eucalyptus Dr, San Francisco, CA
Capacity: 200 people

About Donworth Event Center

Donworth Hall is a beautiful Event Facility & Gym located in the heart of the Lakeside District in San Francisco, California. Pricing is the same for everyone unless you are a non-profit, no matter the number of guests. The only thing that changes based on the size of your event and if you are serving liquor, is your insurance and security. We charge by the hour or offer a full day package: $175.00 PH (Friday & Saturdays) or $3,250.00 for the entire day. Rentals can start as early as 8:00 am to midnight. All rentals end one hour before the contract ends and the bar, if there is one, ends two hours before the ending of the contract. Doors open one hour before the start of the contract. This includes a free hour of set-up. If you booked the full day package then the doors would open at 8:00 am, bar would close at 10:00 pm, and the party would end at 11:00 pm and all guests and vendors would need to be off the premise by midnight. (No day before set-up allowed. We host events each day and summer camps during the summer season. When deciding on your event timeframe, please make sure to factor in your set-up time, because doors will only open to you and your vendors one hour before your contract starts.) Cleaning is required for all events. We charge $375.00 to have both the hall and kitchen professionally cleaned. Insurance is required for all events. The price varies based on liquor and or attendance. Generally, it ranges from $150.00 to $340.00. Security is required at all events. The price varies based on liquor and attendance. For every 100 guests a guard is required. Security will help to also oversee COVID-19 checking so the price ranges from $250.00 to $600.00. Facility Manager is required for all events. The price is $250.00. They oversee the logistics of the building and make sure all building guidelines are adhered to. Audio Equipment isn't required but you can rent if you would like. It's a basic package that includes a soundboard, mic, wireless mic and a pull-down screen ($50.00 to $200.00). A $2,000.00 damage deposit and $500.00 smoking deposit is required before all events. We asked this in the form of two checks and hold it in your file. If the hall is in the same condition at the end of the night, then checks will be ripped up or mailed back. Tables and chairs and the set-up for both the tables and chairs are included in an hourly rental and or package. Currently, we seat for 200 and only allow 8 per table. The serving and consumption of liquor is allowed at an event, but a certified or licensed bartender must oversee and serve in the bar the entire time your bar is open at your event. There is no self-service of any kind, even if you are the one hosting your event. The bartender is the only one allowed to serve liquor and must check ID upon serving. We have a full list of vendors that you may use if you are interested but we are ok with an event brining in their own outside catering and said vendors. What we do require is a list of all your vendors at least 30 days prior to your event so we can contact them and send over our vendor guidelines. The hall offers a full catered kitchen, stage, a separate bar, modern and spacious bathrooms, a break-off room, and a separate patio. There are school basketball courts in front of the hall that vendors may drive on and off, up to one hour before the event starts. We allow up to 3 vendor cars to park off to the side on the basketball courts. There is no additional parking offered on the basketball courts. All vehicles that fail to comply will be towed at the owner's expense. The basketball courts are closed to event guests and may only be used when entering or exiting. Failure to comply to these rules may result in the loss of event deposit. For more information please contact Donworth Hall.

Event Spaces

Cougar Gym
Cougar Gym
Donworth Hall
Donworth Hall
Venue Types
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Outdoor Function Area
  • Wireless Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 200