Petals and Promises

PO Box 521816 Salt Lake City, UT
You have already promised love and commitment in your hearts......marriage is the celebration of that promise. This day is your new beginning as a married couple. It is the total expression of the two of you, your love, your joy, your history together. There is nothing more personal, more intimate, more beautiful as marrying the love of your life. THE PERFECT CELEBRATION OF THE TWO OF YOU, YOUR WEDDING WITH THOSE YOU LOVE!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! REV. SHARON VOLLETT

Beautiful & customized, An Eventective User from Tooele, Utah

There are many different types of ceremonies and scripts to choose from. We were even able to piece together parts from different scripts to make a customized script, perfect for us. It was a beautiful, perfect ceremony. Sharon Vollett is a friendly, helpful, wonderful person. We had an excellent experience.