Casino Las Vegas Productions

Salida, CA
Casino Las Vegas Productions, the Central Valley's only Casino Night entertainment party provider specializing in fund-raising, is a State of California licensed party provider and has just what you need to enjoy a magical, successful and memorable event. With our professional regulation style tables (see equipment links), professional dealers, DJ's and music, we create the proper atmosphere. You can't find a better producer of a Casino Night Event! Are you concerned that you don't have the budget to produce a successful fundraiser? Do you feel intimidated that you don't have the knowledge available to put on a successful fundraiser? If you are looking to raise $3,500, $12,000 or more, without the fear of lack of budget, or losing money on an event, Casino Las Vegas productions has the specific program designed to help you raise those funds and NOT just provide another casino entertainment party! We partner with our clients, from goal setting, through planning and debriefing the events results to find what worked well and what can be improved for an even more successful event for your organization next year. Our events are based solely upon the number if pre-event ticket distributions your organization collects prior to your event. We base our entertainment portion and price strictly to meet how successfully your organization distributed your pre-event tickets! Casino Las Vegas Productions entertainment parties provide, whether as a fund-raiser or entertainment party, a MAGICAL opportunity to be a high roller in an exciting and entertaining atmosphere. Just as necessary in the years after the great depression the movie theaters became as outlets for people to escape from life's bad and heavy experiences, so does this entertainment experience, at a less expensive price to a modern theme park! Call us today and let us show you how you can have a completely legal and magical entertainment only event!