Salem OR - JayDee Hypnotist Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Salem, OR
About Salem OR - JayDee Hypnotist Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnosis
In Salem, Oregon, JayDee Hypnotist performs a clean, classy and funny comedy stage hypnosis show for all ages. His background in improv and stand-up comedy ensures that the laughs never stop. Besides corporate shows, JayDee entertains at many fairs and festivals throughout the USA. Looking for a post prom show? He has also headlined in Las Vegas in a stage hypnosis showroom. Have a group that needs a self help hypnosis seminar, such as Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation or Getting a Good Night's Sleep? He is available for shows and seminars in Salem, Oregon and throughout the USA. Performance dates maybe limited so contact him asap :) When visiting Salem go and see Schreiner's Iris Gardens. In the month of May, they invite you to stroll through their 10-acre display gardens. View hundreds of Iris in bloom. It is a great little garden, and more. Lots more flowers to see there than just iris's. Salem's Riverfront Carousel is a place to go in and ride on the carousel! It’s really a good time with lots of different animals to ride. Popcorn and drinks, candy etc! Then walk around the park. Gilbert House Children's Museum provides innovative and stimulating educational experiences which spark children's natural curiosity. The Museum's inspires children to learn through creative play. This is accomplished through fun and challenging exhibits, camps, birthday parties, membership opportunities and outreach programs in the sciences, arts and humanities. Comedy corporate stage hypnotist available for post prom events. Salem, Oregon
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