Oregon Beverage Services

P.O. Box 2262, Salem, OR


- An Eventective User from Salem Oregon

I would like to recommend Oregon Beverage Services as an excellent event vendor. The company has been in service since 1986 and has been contracted for events as large as Oregon State University Alumni games. I, however, hired them for my son's wedding last year. I first heard of them from someone at church. I had no experience in this area. I was impressed with what I learned when I did my research. They had all the insurance and licenses required by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. They provided professional, yet friendly bartenders and alcohol monitors. It was nice to know that there were outside people to do this. My husband and I wouldn't have to be responsible for telling people they couldn't drink any more. We wouldn't have to get friends or family upset. Fortunately, this didn't happen. The staff were very visible and alert. I appreciated how the company provided what they called the operating plan. My son and his bride were going to have their reception in our back yard which is surrounded by pine trees and a bit uneven at places. The representative was able to figure out where to place everything. They provided everything! We had more than enough to worry about. This was so helpful!