Black Tie Casino Parties and Photo Booth plus many more fun things to do

Saint Paul, MN
BLACK TIE CASINO PARETIES is based out of Austin and Eagan Minnesota but will travel and entertain all over the Midwest. LET US HELP YOU PLAN, ORGANIZE AND EXECUTE A FUN, ENTERTAINING PARTY. ESTABLISHED IN 1984! OVER 4000 SATISFIED AND ENTERTAINED CUSTOMERS! CUSTOMIZED PARTIES FROM 5 TO 700 PEOPLE PERRSONALIZED GAMING INSTRUCTION! FLEXIBILITY IN WORKING WITHIN YOUR BUDGET! GAMES INCLUDE GAMING TABLES, CHIPS, CARDS, ETC.! CHOOSE & CUSTOMIZE FROM OUR WIDE VARIETY OF CASINO GAMES AND OTHER OPTIONS! ?BLACKJACK ?MULTI-ACTION BLACKJACK ?THREE WAY ACTION ?TRIPLE SHOT BONUS ?LET IT RIDE ?PAI GOW ?CARIBBEAN STUD ?POKER ?TEXAS HOLD’EM ?TEXAS HOLD’EM BONUS ?THREE-CARD POKER ?FOUR-CARD POKER ?CASINO WAR ?RED DOG ?CHUCK-A-LUCK ?OMAHA ?BACCARAT ?DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION ON A LARGE SCREEN ?ROCK BAND ON A LARGE SCREEN ?GUITAR HERO III ON A LARGE SCREEN ?DJ HERO ON A LARGE SCREEN ?OUTDOOR CHALLENGE ON A LARGE SCREEN ?GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR ON A LARGE SCREEN ?GAME SHOWS ON A LARGE SCREEN ?WII GAMES ON A LARGE SCREEN ?XBOX 360 ON A LARGE SCREEN ?BACKGROUND MUSIC ?PUTTING GREEN ?HORSE RACING ON A LARGE SCREEN ?WINGO ?PASS THE PIGS ?POSTER PICTURES ?BEAN BAG TOSS ?CARNIVAL GAMES ?CASH CUBE/MONEY MACHINE ?NEW - 2 PHOTO BOOTHS Always a hit! Get up to 12 people and push the COLOR, or BLACK AND WHITE button for your choice of picture. Or get the open air booth where there is a variety of backgrounds. There are 4 pictures taken, and then two strips are printed. One is for the picture takers and the other is for the host. A book is supplied for the partygoers to sign next to their strip of pictures. Also included is the SD card with all the pictures on it for your own computer or printer. MINNESOTA STYLE “LAS VEGAS” CASINO NIGHT *Let us assist you with some of the details such as: Event Planner Recommended party length Number of tables needed Location Master of Ceremonies Bartenders Caterers Decorations Prize selection & giveaway The following is an explanation of how some of the things work and some ideas to help you decide what you would like to do. A Casino evening would progress as follows: *Set-up would be done before your guests would arrive. *Each player would be given a card they cash in at any table for “$10,000 in Casino Chips only”. *Playing of the games would begin and go for three hours. *Fifteen minutes prior to end we would call “Last Hand”, the table limits would be removed, and the final hands of all games would be played. *Chips would be counted, everyone would receive an auction voucher, high winner vouchers, or tickets for the drawing whichever you choose. *The auction or drawing can be handled by one of our dealers for a nominal fee. Prizes: They can range in size and value depending upon your budget. You could use anything from plants, Christmas decorations, coolers, radios, tickets to some event, gift certificates, to TVs, just to name a few. Another place you may be able to get prizes and help the budget would be from vendors that you buy from. Or for a fee we can purchase your prizes for you. All of our dealers dress in black slacks/skirts, tuxedo shirts, black bow ties, and nametags. They are all trained dealers that can teach people the basic rules and advantages, along with the different strategies of the game. This is the perfect opportunity for your guests to learn a new game or brush up on their skills prior to hitting a local casino. A CASINO AND GAME EVENING WILL BE A LOT OF FUN FOR EVERYONE. PLEASE GIVE BLACK TIE CASINO A TRY. I am pleased that you have given me the opportunity to provide you with information for making your event truly memorable. Black Tie Casino prides itself in offering quality entertainment at an affordable price. Eric Jensen, Owner/Operator References upon request and on our website.
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