Sounsational DJ Service and Events

818 Le Maisson court, Saint Louis, MO

About Sounsational DJ Service and Events

We are a DJ service and MORE! We are not your typical DJ! We work closely with all of our wedding clients to create an event that truly reflects the essence of each and every couple. We work closely with our nonprofit clients to create a fruitful event. We work closely with your schools and communities to create safe, suitable and fun events. We work closely with our corporations to create relaxing, uplifting and motivating events and we work with families to create celebrations and memories for all involved. Our process is professional and fun and our results are awesome and talked about for years to come!
  • Special Features: For our wedding clients we offer very unique and personalized options that you won't see at ANY other wedding and we do this at no cost! Call to ask what they are! To all our clients we offer up lighting & monogram lighting!