Silly Jilly The Clown, Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist, Silly Jilly the Children's Magican

416 Tuxedo Blvd Saint Louis, MO
Silly Jilly knows 100 cartoon character balloons, a 100 non-cartoon non-hat balloons, and an unlimited number of hats. Invite Silly Jilly to your birthday party. First she'll cheerfully make everyone a crazy balloon hat or tiara. Hats help make fun photos, and kids like seeing friends in the hats. Then she'll make everyone a balloon animal such as monkey climbing a palm tree, penguin, princess, Spiderman, dolphin, or butterfly costume. Invite her to your large event where she makes balloons as kids line-up. She can also perform a FUN children's magic show. STL city & county: $120 1st 1/2 hour, $50 additional 1/2 hour. Contact for other counties. Sometimes higher fee if 70+ kids.