D'Fynitive Soul Band

Saint Louis, MO

About D'Fynitive Soul Band

D'fynitive Soul is a very diverse band(meaning we play various genre) based out of St.Louis, MO. Definitive(adj) meaning final or complete we aim to make our music complete and good to the soul. We are a 4 piece band consisting of Keyboard,Bass Guitar, Drums, and Saxophone Player with vocalists on call. We do alot of contemporary music mostly neo-soul, r&b, jazz, funk, but we do explore other genres as well. We all come from musical backgrounds that led us to where we are now. We have been playing together for over 5 years at numerous functions and events. The band became official in Jan. 2011 as we are now ready to hit the big stage and do some touring and other acts. We have all went to school to study music and together we have over 20 years of musical background. We are a very creative band that likes to have fun and play good music. We play alot of cover songs but we do have originals as well. We also play at all functions and events from weddings to funerals. Some of the places we have played at are The Pageant a well known venue in the Ucity loop also Blueberry Hill, Legacy Books and Cafe, many festivals around St.louis and many more venues. We are now ready to take the next step and take our act on the road and perform whenever and wherever we can. Our next move is to get in the Studio and record our first album enititled "SoundProof"