Bye Bye Liver :: St. Louis

Maggie O'Brien's, 2000 Market Street, Saint Louis, MO

About Bye Bye Liver :: St. Louis

Pub Theater Company’s “Bye Bye Liver” Says “Hello St. Louis!” with Back-to-Back Jacks St. Louis, MO - Wednesday, November 17, 2010 – “Bye Bye Liver,” Chicago’s intoxicatingly interactive sketch comedy revue, has been re-invented for St. Louis audiences and is proving its niche with back-to-back sold-out performances on November 6 and 13. Seven weeks into their current run at Market Street-hotspot Maggie O’Brien’s, the cast of “Bye Bye Liver” is proud that no two performances have been alike and that they always have something new for repeat patrons. “Bye Bye Liver” draws from a large playbook of sketches (written by Byron Hatfield) and participatory drinking games to create shows that are fast, fun and uniquely tailored to its audiences. In a process that started early this year, veteran cast members and directors from The Pub Theater Company’s “Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play” scouted the Midwest for fertile ground. Often selling out four shows a week in the Windy City and already running successfully in Milwaukee and The Twin Cities, the Company was looking for opportunities to expand. In St. Louis they found a culture they thought would embrace their signature brand of irreverent, in-your-face comedy. With its proud brewing (and drinking) tradition, they also predicted that St. Louisians would appreciate themes drawing from the greatest triumphs and shames of our love affair with alcohol. Far from cloning “Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play,” each ensemble creates an environment that is as unique as its host city and an audience experience imbued with local flavor. The Company hired St. Louis-native director / promoter Casey Scott to manage local operations and recruited area actors for a rigorous audition process. On September 25, St. Louis introduced its opening cast, including ingénue starlet Rachel Hartman, sexy comedienne DeAnna Jarrell Massie, character rolodex Todd Moore, fuzzy ice-cream-expert Joey Walsh, fleet-fingered accompanist Tim Clark and, current host of Dressel’s Thursday-night Improv Jam, Bill Finkbiner. Shows can vary from around seventy-five to ninety minutes. Every Saturday there is a post-show cast party where audience members can mingle, and Maggie O’Brien’s hosts live bands immediately after the performance. The Company has continued to show commitment to its St. Louis expansion by supporting community radio, sponsoring street-team promotions and striking partnerships with area performing artists, event planners and media from across the spectrum. In a weekly feature, “Bye Bye Liver” cast members join local DJ’s Randy Cash and Jeff Stephenson on their KFNS AM590 shock-jock show “After Hours” from midnight – 2 am Thursdays. St. Louis Top 10, 09-19-10 No matter how spirited you are about spirited liquids, Bye Bye Liver will have your party’s abdominal six-packs shaking with laughter Go! Magazine, 11-05-10 Debra D. Bass, Fashion Editor Yes, it's bawdy and irreverent, but if you like that type of thing, there's plenty of fun to be had… Bottom line: Yes, it glorifies alcohol-induced revelry, bad behavior and awkward sexual advances, but so do most Saturday nights at a bar. However, "Bye Bye Liver" is much funnier than the real-world situations. Sauce Magazine, 11-12-10 - You’ll be cracking up whether it’s shots or seltzer in your glass. Metromix “Top Weekend Event”, 11-19-10 Bye Bye Liver: The St. Louis Drinking Play Saturdays at 9PM** // $14.00 Adv or Door